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Are you Ready for Dynamics 365?

Celedon Partners’ talented CRM consultants are here to help you migrate to Microsoft’s brand new Dynamics 365.

Dynamics 365 is Modern, Flexible and Powerful – and so is Celedon Partners

Dynamics 365 is a combined CRM and ERP suite of business technology solutions built using Microsoft’s experience with the industry-favorite Azure cloud. As a 100% cloud based solution, Dynamics 365 is perfect for forward-thinking businesses intent on capturing value, flexibility and cost savings while embracing meaningful new technology.

As a Microsoft Gold Customer Relationship Management Partner, Celedon has the expertise and experience to help organizations with on-premise Dynamics CRM installations move to Dynamics 365 smoothly and efficiently.

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What to Expect During a Dynamics 365 Deployment or Migration

Microsoft has taken lengths to ensure that Dynamics 365 is the most user friendly, easy to learn business technology suite ever – but there are still tricky aspects to any major business technology initiative. Here are some of the key things your Celedon consultants look forward to helping you navigate.

Add Powerful New Features

Dynamics 365 features deep integration with Microsoft technologies, including the Cortana Intelligence Suite for predictive analytics, PowerBI for valuable business intelligence, and Office 365 for unmatched productivity. Celedon Partners can help you take advantage of these features and add new ones to your deployment through custom configuration and code or AppSource, Microsoft’s extensive new marketplace for business apps.

Navigate Licensing and Editions

Dynamics 365 includes eight distinct solutions, a variety of solution bundles (targeting existing Dynamics CRM and Dynamics ERP users), two editions and a variety of pricing options. Celedon Partners works with clients to ensure that the right people recieve the right tools to succeed, without spending money on unnecessary features. Take advantage of low cost team seats for light users while giving power users all the features they love.


Ensure Upgradability

Celedon Partners are dedicated to providing users with a positive experience before, during and after projects, which is why Celedon consultants emphasize out-of-the-box features and configurations where possible, and ensure that their code is clean and upgradeable where it’s necessary.

Migrate Configurations and Extensions

Every existing CRM deployment is different, particularly if it’s been in place for an extended period of time. Celedon consultants take the time to determine whether extensions are already cloud-ready or whether they can be replicated in Dynamics 365.

Securly Move Data

As CRM deployments grow and evolve, the integrity of data becomes increasingly relevant. Celedon consultants are here to ensure that your fields, leads, opportunities, contacts and history are transferred to keep potential business disruptions to a minimum.

Take your Dynamics 365 based solutions to the next level with PartnerPass

PartnerPass is the innovative subscription consulting program from Celedon Partners that encourages partners to achieve long term success with their business technology investments. Featuring unlimited advice, regular planning sessions and included hours for technical work, PartnerPass is the next step in the cloud productivity revolution.


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