Your company is unique. Your technology should reflect that.

You deserve better than a pre-packaged deployment program. That’s why PartnerPath, the new service from Celedon Partners, gives you unlimited access to consultants who can design a Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution that fits exactly what you do.

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Meet with consultants

At the heart of PartnerPath is regular planning periods with unlimited time for advice. During these sessions you work with Celedon consultants to define your goals for the cycle.

Execute on your priorities

Your subscription already includes time to be spend on technical tasks, which can include everything from design to implementation to training, depending on your team’s needs.

Stay in touch

PartnerPath is an going service, which ensures that your consultants understand your organization as it evolves. Align your technology with your business and stretch your budget throughout the year.

PartnerPath is an ongoing consultative relationship, so you always know that we’re there for you.

Why PartnerPath?

PartnerPath is structured enough to take the stress out of implementation, feature development and support for CRM beginners. It’s also flexible enough to help rapidly growing organizations make an impact with the right technology solutions at the right time.

Whatever you do, there’s always a path for you.

CRM consulting and implementation is more than just another service to us.

It’s our original business, which means that we marry deep technical expertise in CRM development and deployment with knowledge of the business considerations that drive CRM decision making.

A marathon, not a sprint

‘Quickstart’ programs give you a CRM built on current technology, but SaaS models and cloud delivery make it easy for CRM providers to add features throughout the year. With PartnerPath, your company can take advantage of new functionality and evolve your CRM throughout the year.

Support for all your needs

PartnerPath supports everything from new systems and major refreshes to ongoing maintenance and gives smaller companies access to the same cutting edge tools available to major organizations, without large upfront costs or the need to stress about internal resources.

PartnerPath is about collaboration

Because PartnerPath is built on a collaborative relationship, you get a more targeted CRM that aligns with your business’s goals and structure. Your subscription includes unlimited advisory time with Celedon Partners consultants, which means that you always have somewhere to turn for help.

High class consultants for a flat fee

Your PartnerPath subscription means that you get access to the same Celedon consultants that work with large enterprises and federal agencies. As experts in CRM, BI, UX, web development and the business considerations that go into any new implementation they’ll be there to offer guidance and deliver amazing solutions.


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