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A true partnership experience.

We do it differently than the other guys. Our senior team has held positions in large consulting firms as well as small and mid-sized firms, allowing us the freedom to select what works from each model while skipping all the overhead. Our leadership team alone has a successful track record of over 500 CRM implementations. We were founded on the idea to bring the process, experience, and reliability of a large firm to market at the cost and flexibility of a small firm.

Our approach is to partner with you to bring your visions and software to life. We don’t want you to rely on us to update and maintain your product although we are more than happy to if that fits your business. We ensure that we build to the strengths of your team, resulting in the best value for your budget.



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CRM Implementations

We excel across a wide array of technologies, but our core specialty is implementing CRM systems. On one extreme, our team has architected, designed and delivered some of the most complex and technically challenging implementations on record. On the other hand, we’ve provided many elegant and simple systems that streamlined a business process or improved client visibility within the sales team. We find success across both extremes by truly partnering with you, understanding what you need to be successful and walking you through the entire process.

Product Design and Development

Our team has brought to market products both on the CRM platforms as well as stand-alone. Designing and building a product takes a special set of skills and ability to see both short and long term features. We will partner with you to bring your vision to market, bringing best practices and a wealth of expertise to ensure not only your product is built but ready to sell to your customers. Contact us for more details, and let Celedon Partners bring your big vision to market.


uXRM™ stands for User Experience focused Relationship Management. Both Microsoft Dynamics CRM and are built to be extended into any line of business application rapidly and cost efficiently. We are experts at extending these platforms, but with uXRM, we do even more. We are adding beautiful, cross platform user experiences on top of your CRM, allowing your users to work with their CRM as if it were a custom application, while still gaining all the cost, scale and security benefits of using a proven platform as your framework.

Upgrades, Maintenance, and Support

Even the most well-implemented systems need care over time, and at Celedon we are committed to making sure you get solid long term value out of your investment. Whether we did your initial implementation or you are looking for a new vendor, we can help you keep your system running as intended. This includes providing configuration and customization, additional training, and upgrading your system to the latest version of CRM. We have flexible contracts to fit most needs.


Microsoft Gold CRM Partner