Microsoft Gold Cloud CRM and Gold Cloud Platform Partner


As a trusted technology partner to a huge variety of companies and organizations, Celedon Partners’ talented developers, engineers and consultants get an inside view of what makes great companies tick every day.

Talented consultants and deep technical expertise

We know that organizations face rapid transformation in the modern market and must work on new ways to keep ahead of their customers’ demands, which is why we’re thrilled to apply that knowledge to our client’s custom projects. We offer a guiding hand, state of the art engineering talent and years of experience helping businesses make the most of their technology investments.

The heart of our organization is our talent and our consulting spirit. We seek to understand and nurture the ‘why’ of your business and what makes you special. That guides our whole relationship, from inspiration to final product.

Chris Scott

COO, Celedon Partners

Bring the voice of your customer into the heart of your organization

Our consultants are more than technical experts – they’re customer engagement authorities with the capabilities that organizations need to reorient and realign themselves as customer-centric organizations. That means that we know what customer data is meaningful, how to collect it and how to use it to guide your decision making.

We then bring our years of experience working with similar organizations to help you orient your sales, marketing and product development initiatives to take advantage of data-driven customer insights.

The Celedon Factor

Our talent-centric consulting model means that any organization can have access to high quality consulting and technical talent. Celedon consultants, engineers and developers have experience with custom projects across industries and we have the right experts to help you. We’re happy to work with you on a traditional consulting basis, find you embedded experts to maintain your systems or outsource the day to day management of upgrades and development to our team.

Get the best of new tech

Cloud technologies and the SaaS revolution have made business solutions and tools available to organizations in new, exciting ways. From marketing automation and business intelligence to machine learning and big data, companies have the potential to develop, market and sell better and more efficiently than ever before.

Avoid wasteful missteps and take advantage of new technologies safely with our experts. Whether you need help deciding how to maximize your investments or want us to implement and integrate new tools with your existing systems, our consultants are your best resource.