Only a few years ago the biggest concern for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) consultants working with home building companies was convincing them that they needed a full CRM system in the first place. That’s not the case today, as smart home builders ramp up their digital customer tracking and marketing efforts.

As home builders have grown more tech savvy, a cottage industry of niche platforms has emerged to serve their interests, offering a grab-bag of tools for lead sales, marketing and project and customer management.

While those platforms are designed with home builder customers in mind, they lack the robustness, extensibility and features available from CRM industry leaders like Salesforce and Microsoft’s Dynamics line of business apps. The big CRM platforms have the advantage of huge development budgets, and addition of machine learning features means that they’ll look to continue to pull away from more niche solutions in the coming year.

This has left many home builders in a difficult spot – do they choose they industry specific solution, or do they leverage the power of Salesforce or Dynamics?

As experienced traditional CRM consultants, we’ve worked with companies who’ve taken the second path to develop custom tools, reports, dashboards and workflows that align their chosen CRM platform to their tasks.

Now we’re taking that experience and turning it into our own accelerator for home builders built on the Salesforce platform. Our new app, which builds on the workflow that we’ve witnessed at our home builder customers, encourages a more intimate relationship with users from the moment they express interest in one of your homes to their post-purchase warranty claims.

It leverages the power of the Salesforce feature set and Lightning platform to provide key features like marketing campaign automation, visit tracking, and customer logins and give users access to the thousands of extensions and applications available on AppExchange.

On our end we’ve added neighborhood focused navigation and single step opportunity entering with intelligent and relevant filtering designed to make sales representatives more efficient, and let them focus on the customer, not administrative tasks. The accelerator also includes dashboards and intelligent reporting that make it easy for individuals and management to see what’s succeeding, as well as where there’s room for improvement. Included warranty tools track claims and policies, so home builders can get the right fixes to the right customer, on time.

We’re excited to continue sharing information about our new home builder solution leading up to its official release, so continue to check back on our website and social media.

If, on the other hand, you’re interested in receiving a demo of our pre-release solution and seeing how its power, flexibility and custom focus could benefit your organization, please reach out to Brett Campbell or use our contact form to let us know.