PartnerPass delivers business technology consulting and expertise for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and other cloud-based solutions, including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Microsoft Azure. The program’s subscription engagement model is designed to emphasize affordable, long term customer success.

Unlike traditional consulting arrangements, which are typically based on specific high-cost projects with little regard for long-term sustainability, PartnerPass is paid through a simple subscription fee that includes regular planning sessions and technical work. By embracing a subscription model, PartnerPass provides the benefits of an engaged, long term partner without the complexity, unpredictability and high cost of traditional models.

It also takes on the traditional model of ‘quick start’ deployment services by focusing on ensuring customer success throughout the solution’s lifecycle, not just during the initial engagement period.

“We’ve wanted to solve business consulting for SMBs for several years now,” said Michael Speca, President of Celedon Partners, “because we’ve seen that the only consulting options for smaller or midsize organizations who want to implement complicated business systems like CRM tend to be either too complex and expensive, leaving organizations holding the bag once their ‘experts’ have gone, or too reductive and simplistic, treating customers with one-size-fits-all services.”

PartnerPass solves these issues by offering access to Celedon’s talented consultants, developers and designers for an affordable subscription fee, enabling a long-term relationship which makes it possible for organizations to realize all kinds of potential from their CRM or ERP investment. “’Quick start’ packages, in particular, are notorious for wrapping up while clients are still in the honeymoon phase with their new technology,” Speca continued.

“Later, once the shine wears off and organizations realize they need new features or that users are abandoning the technology, they’re forced to spend a lot of time and money they hadn’t originally budgeted to salvage their systems. With PartnerPass, organizations spend less up front and know that they’ll continue to have access to consultants who can continually align their technology with their goals as a business.”

The foundation of PartnerPass is regular planning sessions, during which Celedon Partners consultants and clients work together to define technology goals for the following cycle. These planning sessions can occur at a range of intervals, from twice a year to every month, depending on the specific needs of individual organizations. Following these sessions, Celedon Partners consultants use technical services hours included in the subscription to act upon their client’s priorities. Additional support and administration is also available.

This design means that PartnerPass is flexible enough to support everything from new installations and feature enhancement to training and support. “The technical hours included in PartnerPass are incredibly effective, because they draw from Celedon’s entire staff of consultants, developers and engineers so clients always get the right person for the job,” explained Chris Scott, EVP Professional Services at Celedon Partners.

The first group of PartnerPass clients represent a variety of businesses and organizations, showcasing the versatility and flexibility of the service. “We love the PartnerPass contract; having 6 month cycles is way more practical than the minimum monthly hours we had to use with other support arrangements,” said Anna Reynolds, Senior Manager of Operations at the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce.

Celedon Partners stressed PartnerPass as an evolving service, with support for Microsoft’s new Dynamics 365 suite of business technology solutions and Salesforce’s Einstein artificial intelligence platform coming as they’re released. “We’re excited to see what our clients do with PartnerPass,” Speca explained. “It’s a great opportunity for small and midsize business to really capitalize on the massive opportunity and value coming out of business IT in an exciting and affordable way.”

About Celedon Partners

Founded in 2012, with locations in Bothell, WA and Annapolis, MD, Celedon Partners specializes in leveraging the latest development technologies into specialized solutions built on CRM and cloud platforms, including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Azure. Celedon engages with its customers to help tackle big ideas in an achievable manner, without the overhead, complexity and high cost of large scale consulting firms. Celedon offers project-based consulting as well as a range of talent solutions to mid-sized and enterprise companies as well as State and Federal agencies. Celedon specializes in solving technology and business challenges through a combination of user experience design, creative approaches and technical expertise.

This press release originally appeared on PRWeb