Microsoft Gold Cloud CRM and Gold Cloud Platform Partner


Secure and reliable services that bring you closer to your constituents.

Modern citizens demand a modern approach.

Today’s constituents want their government to deliver the same high-quality service that they get from the best private sector companies.

At Celedon Partners, we know that the key to any effective service is healthy communication. Our technical and customer engagement experts work with government leaders to design citizen relationship management tools that keep public employees up to date on events, people, companies and services under their jurisdiction.

The data you need to make better decisions

Whatever you’re managing – from citizen inquiries to workforce development to service delivery – an effective CRM deployment can help you manage relationships and turn data into insights so you can make the right decisions.

  • Make your employees more efficient with cloud based web portals and intelligent business logic to automatically create contacts and cases.
  • Get a top level vision of local services and automate resources so you can deliver services and staff to maximize public budgets
  • Integrate disparate systems and IoT devices and turn your CRM into the most comprehensive repository of data for your agency

Keep up with your constituents

State and local government bodies are beholden to a wider array of people than almost any business. Their constituents come from every walk of life and need to be able to connect with public bodies in every manner imaginable.

We collaborate with you to understand who you’re speaking to – and how they’re speaking back – and develop rules, custom tools and configurations to make intake efficient. Once you’ve got the data, we create custom dashboards that surface the right insights to the right people so your interactions with citizens and stakeholders go smoothly.

Operate on your own terms

Our Dynamics CRM experts can turn flexible, powerful platforms into much more with custom configurations and development. We also know how and when to take advantage of out-of-the-box features to improve upgradability and keep costs down.

Modern, cloud implementations let you take advantage of low up-front costs and fixed term payments without the hassle of hardware, reducing your IT strain and letting your agency focus on its responsibility to its constituents.

Concerned about security? Our consultants are experts in on-premise, hybrid and cloud deployments and can explain the advantages and disadvantages of every type of implementation so that you get a platform you can trust and rely on.