We believe the user experience is critical for any app, website, software, product or service to be successful. It’s for that reason alone that we emphasize the importance of UX throughout our organization. Our design team reviews, dissects, and inspects the user experience; optimizing it so both the end user will enjoy our client’s products and ensuring it supports business objectives.

We align ourselves with clients that understand you can build the most robust product with all the bells and whistles but if no one “gets it” or understands how to use it, you will find yourselves in deep water.

We believe in understanding the “Why?” in our clients projects and the value that it brings. Not so much “Why do you need this function, feature, or application?” but “Why is it important for this product to exist?” Why will this product enrich the lives of others? That doesn’t mean that it has to change the world. While that is an admirable goal shared by many, it could be as simple as “We need to build this application so that our employees can efficiently complete their job. They gain satisfaction through feeling accomplished in their day job and as a company, we want to support that. We want to provide them with the tools they need to feel fulfilled.” In return our clients feel fulfilled for providing their employees with a great tool, the workforce feels listened to and valued, and as a result this helps the business prosper.

Through the process of finding the “Why?” it unearths a lot of the business objectives and technical requirements. It opens up a conversation for a lot of self reflection on what is important to the business and to the user. It results in a more authentic product that truly resonates with its users.

Understanding the user and crafting an experience that will help them succeed is paramount in todays technology driven society. Companies are investing in the user experience either way. Either they focus on it to make it a strength and differentiator or they don’t. They leave it to chance that the audience will “get it” and adopt their product or service.

If you are with the type of company that values the end users experience but doesn’t really know where to start drop us a line. We love to collaborate with our clients and at the very least are always open for a conversation.

About the Author

Danny Johnson is the Lead UX Designer at Celedon Partners with 8 years of industry experience visually designing and building products for clients. He is passionate about discussing all things design and invites you to engage, challenge, and discuss your thoughts or ideas.