Microsoft Gold Cloud CRM and Gold Cloud Platform Partner

Our talent is the core of our business, culture and our customer’s success.

What to expect when partnering with us



Our experience has taught us that the only way to be successful across the wide spectrum of work we do is to partner with our customers early and align our approach to the way they do business.

Big Thinking

Whether your needs are simple or complex, we see the big picture. We can deliver under multiple methodologies, contracting types, and project management styles so you get the benefit of our capabilities without needing to conform to a single-minded approach.

Honesty and Transparency

Getting your project done on time and on budget requires solid communication and trust. We are honest and upfront with our customers, employees, and vendors. Life is too short for anything else.



Celedon Partners delivers the strength of a larger consulting firm with the cost and flexibility benefits of working with a more nimble group.

What the elephant is all about.


While creating our brand we wanted to have a logo that spoke to our soul, had depth, and drew emotion. We are passionate about what we do, and we want to have our brand reflect that. There were lots of concepts considered during the early stages of brainstorming, including something about an oyster and a fish riding a bike.

However the oyster was shot down, and while a fish riding a bike is a big idea, it’s lacking in the “being achievable” department. We needed something to represent our brand that was both BIG and ACHIEVABLE.

Then came the idea of using an elephant as a metaphor. Elephants are also approachable, powerful, respected, intelligent, pack animals.

They are compassionate and mentor their young…not a bad set of qualities. In fact, those same qualities aligned well with our beliefs. In addition to that, we pride ourselves on being able to think big but in a way that is achievable.

We feel that an elephant balancing on a ball represents all of this very well. It must be nimble enough to get on the ball, possess the stability to stay on the ball, and most importantly of all, the idea of an elephant balancing on a ball is a big idea that was achieved.

Our Leadership Team

Mark Barrett


30+ years of experience across multiple industries helping companies implement technology to create business value.

Michael Speca


20+ years industry experience, including project design and delivery, financial management, and product design

Chris Scott


20+ years industry experience with a proven track record project success across industries and technologies.

Ingrid Jansen

VP, Finance and Operations

30+ years industry’ experience providing operations and information technology expertise.

Our Partners