Celedon Partners is organized (for management purposes at least) as a Partnership.  There are a number of ways to run a services business but after being in four different ones, we found the partner model the most appealing.  Here’s why.

First, the bottom line at any services business is that you need great talent to grow, and the best talent has often considered hanging up a shingle and seeing what kinds of business they can drum up.  Most learn that running an entire services company is more complicated than just getting your name out, but there are many that thrive as independent consultants.  The fact is that if you are good at what you do, and what you do is in demand, you don’t *need* to work for a company.  So it is up to us to make sure that being part of Celedon is worthwhile, and a path to company ownership provides that.

Second, as a customer, your experience with a services company is driven by just a few factors:  Who is working on your job, and are they any good?  What best practices do your consultants bring to the table?  Perhaps most importantly, how does your vendor respond to the inevitable challenges on a project?  Customers large and small want a partner that can react quickly to problems.  A partner model means that you have an owner of the company involved in your account – someone who is in position to do what is right by you, and make it happen right away.

So if you’re considering us as a place to work, keep in mind that we strive to make being part of Celedon meaningful.  That includes the usual (good pay, good benefits, and caring about your quality of life) but it also can include more – a career path that includes sharing in the value of the company and not just the labor.  If you are considering us as a service provider, know that you will always have an owner of the business within easy reach.