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Case Study: Sales Enablement Tool

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Starting from the ground up we worked closely with our Fortune 100 client to re-envision what the future of agent relationship management would look like for their company. Over the course of several weeks we utilized an agile and iterative approach to turn an idea into fully designed and build-able solution. The result was a rich and robust user experience that will enable their sales team to not only manage, track, and plan for all their accounts in one intuitive interface. But also to become better sellers by surfacing key enterprise data through advanced analytics integration and to better understand their customers through a guided and data-informed segmentation process.

Follow our process below as we give you a glimpse in to how we went from concept to complete solution design.

Hitting the Ground Running

Getting on the same page as our client was paramount for a project of this scale to be successful. Our design and solution architecture team, flew on-site to our client for the project kickoff where we had an intense and interactive three days of collaborative discussion as well as the gathering of pertinent information around the customers current technology, future technology plans, data architecture, business objectives, user stories, vision and desired outcomes.

After our on-site visit, we immediately began brainstorming, sketching, and ideating around how to bring this idea to light and also how to build on the idea. To keep the design on track we built out user flows and personas that we could reference along the way to ensure we’re staying in line with the objective.

uXRM Agent Management Tool User Flow Chart

Sales enablement tool user flow chart.

Sample user persona for the sales enablement tool.

Putting it on Paper

When designing new products and solutions, we believe it is vital to get through all the bad ideas to find the great ones. The best way to do this is through quickly iterating through design concepts. Our team gathers and brainstorms on the whiteboard to quickly weight the pros and cons of proposed design solutions. The results make there way into new rounds of collaborative client discussions.

Early sketches for the Agent Management Tool

Going Digital

After we have poured over the business objectives, constraints, good ideas and bad ideas we move onto wireframing. It is here that we start fine tuning how this user experience will begin to come together. It is our goal during the wireframing period to ensure we are covering all business and user needs. All the while taking into account the underlying implementation and technical restraints to ensure we are building a product that will be easy to use, adoptable and technically feasible.

Usability Testing

Whenever possible we highly recommend budgeting for user testing through the design phase to ensure that the end-user will be able to use a product successfully. There is nothing worst than shipping a product only to find out that the user can’t understand the interface and adoption becomes a major concern.

We inject user testing throughout the process even for the simplest of things most people think “users just get it” such as website navigation. Here is a small sample of the valuable insight we can receive from click testing users.

Conveying the Vision

We are always mindful of our clients budget for each project. In light of keeping cost down we create animated mock-ups to help convey the vision for our designs as well help our clients explain the vision to their stakeholders. In our experience this faux prototype has been a priceless tool for our clients.

Full Solution

After a final architecture review and several rounds of testing and refinement of the user experience as well as the functionality of the design… we enhance the user interface with high fidelity visuals including full color, icons, and further refinement of the layout.  Additionally, final documentation, prototypes and designs are completed and delivered. Below is an image and video demo from the full design of the new sales enablement tool that was designed and delivered in just four team weeks.

High Impact User Friendly Experience

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