Celedon Partners offer a full range of Salesforce CRM services, including implementation, development, customization, enhancement and support.

We’re made up of

  • experienced Salesforce CRM consultants
  • creative visual designers
  • talented Salesforce development experts

with the ability to maximize your investment in Salesforce solutions without the overhead, complexity, and high cost of the largest consulting firms.

When great people work together, great things happen.

Get the most out of Salesforce Today:

Salesforce Services & Capabilities

CRM Consulting

Celedon has decades of combined CRM industry experience. We can help you formula a Salesforce strategy and take your investment to next level with smart, right sized solutions.

CRM Development

Design or integrate your own custom tools with our deep technical expertise in Salesforce, leveraging our collective knowledge to decrease time to value and get it done right the first time.

UX Design

Targeted user experience design drives adoption and connects the “why” with the end solution result. Unlock what’s possible and love the results.

Cloud Experts

Make it all work in the cloud with Microsoft Azure certified experts. Hybrid and on-premise CRM deployments welcome!


Our team members have designed, architected and delivered some of the most complex and technically challenging CRM implementations on record. We have also provided many elegant and simple systems that streamlined a business process or improved client visibility within the sales team.


We partner with you to make big ideas achievable. We focus on bringing the right resources to bear with flexible engagement models and striking the right balance of custom development and configuration.


We will bring your vision to market, utilizing best practices and a wealth of expertise to ensure not only your product is built, but that your users adopt it.


We can help you keep your system running as intended. This includes providing configuration, customization & additional training.


We are intimately familiar with what it takes to upgrade existing infrastructure. We use our many years of experience to develop safe upgrade strategies with minimal interruptions.

PARTNERPASS – Subscription Consulting for CRM Success

PartnerPass is an innovative new consulting-as-a-service program for small and midsize businesses with long term CRM success in mind. Lower you upfront costs and align your technology with your business goals as part of a long term partnership.

Meet with consultants

At the heart of PartnerPass are regular planning periods with unlimited time for advice. During these sessions you work with Celedon consultants to define your goals for the cycle.

Execute on your priorities

Your subscription already includes time to spend on technical tasks, which can include everything from design to implementation to training, depending on your team’s needs.

Stay in touch all year

PartnerPass is an ongoing service, which ensures that your consultants understand your company as it evolves. Align your technology with your business and stretch your budget throughout the year.

Salesforce Configuration Specialists

It’s our passion to build solutions that your users will actually use. Our in-house designers dream big, but make recommendations that are rooted in achievable approaches. We focus on your key business processes and distill the CRM interface into a tailored user experience your team will love using.

Industry Experts

When you engage Celedon consultants, you get professionals who dive deep into your business to understand your needs and align themselves with your goals. You also get consultants who understand the rules of engagement for your industry and have the qualifications necessary to get your projects done right, the first time.

CRM consulting and implementation is more than just another service to us.

It’s our original business, which means that we marry deep technical expertise in CRM development and deployment with knowledge of the business considerations that drive CRM decision making.