We have a client that moved from Office 365 (on-line) to CRM 2011 On-Premise. They requested a backup of the database from Microsoft and used that for their organization.

Every chart that used a date value in the horizontal access failed with a generic “An error occurred while the chart was rendering”

The posts on this stated the fix was to “enable CLR” for SQL and restart the server. That didn’t work for us.

We checked the CRM trace logs and found out that the chart was attempting to call the function “fn_ConvertUtcToSpecificTimeCLR” and the function did not exist.

I thought this was odd, because I have worked with this function before and it is part of the CRM database. We checked their database and not only was this scalar function missing, the assembly that contained it was missing as well.

Once we copied this function and the assembly from another instance of CRM the chart rendered normally.

Bottom line: the backup that Microsoft provides from an on-line instance does not contain everything that is in a CRM on-premise database.