The PartnerPass Difference

Discover why PartnerPass is the only engagement model designed long term success

What is PartnerPass?

PartnerPass is an innovative, subscription based consulting model, built to deliver and support modern business technology investments including Microsoft Cloud and Dynamics 365.


How PartnerPass Works:

Meet with Consultants

At the heart of PartnerPass are regular planning periods with unlimited time for advice. During these sessions you work with Celedon consultants to define your goals for the upcoming cycle.

Execute on Your Priorities

Your subscription already includes time to spend on technical tasks, which can include everything from design to implementation to training, depending on your team’s needs.

Stay in Touch

PartnerPass is an ongoing service, which ensures that your consultants understand your company as it evolves. Align your technology with your business and stretch your budget throughout the year.

PartnerPass delivers results you’ll be pleased with, today and in the future. ‘Quickstart’ solutions can’t say the same.

Whether you’re migrating from one CRM to another or you’re looking for your organization’s first ever solution, a CRM implementation is about more than the initial deployment. No matter how thorough your inital plan, it’s inevitable that issues will arise and you’ll come to need additional features to stay ahead of your competitors

‘Quickstart’ solution providers, who promise an entire implementation for a flat fee, focus only on getting you up and running. Rather than build for long term success (focusing on upgradability and out-of-the-box tools), ‘quickstart’ providers are motivated to produce a system that looks nice, not one that functions well.

This means that when issues inevitably arise you’ll be forced to look for a new contract just to support your system, putting the cost well beyond the intially appealing original ‘quickstart’ offer. PartnerPass, on the other hand, is built to enhance your IT investments and align them with your business needs as your organization grows.

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Start Your Better IT Journey With PartnerPass Today

PartnerPass offers organizations the opportunity to take control of their business technology investments through Celedon Partners’ compelling consulting-as-a-service model.

Take this opportunity to discover why PartnerPass is built to deliver modern, effective implementations and support their growth into the future.

PartnerPass is the Right Choice for Every Point in the Project Lifecycle

Quickstart consulting arrangements promise you a solution, but then you’re on your own. Whether or not you’ve already started implementing business technology, PartnerPass avoids traditional pitfalls and can help you build the best possible product.


Select the different tabs to see how PartnerPass can help you at any stage of the project lifecycle


Our team members have designed, architected and delivered some of the most complex and technically challenging business systems implementations on record. We have also provided many elegant and simple systems that streamlined a business process or improved outcomes within individual teams.


We partner with you to make big ideas achievable. We focus on bringing the right resources to bear with flexible engagement models and striking the right balance of custom development and configuration.


We will bring your vision to market, utilizing best practices and a wealth of expertise to ensure not only your product is built, but that your users adopt it.


We can help you keep your system running as intended. This includes providing configuration, customization & additional training.


We are intimately familiar with what it takes to upgrade existing infrastructure. We use our many years of experience to develop safe upgrade strategies with minimal interruptions.