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Sell faster and build more efficiently with industry experts.

More than just a transaction

A new home is the culmination of a buyer’s dreams – and almost certainly the most expensive deal they’ve ever completed. It’s also the result of extensive planning on the home builder’s side, from sourcing and designing to finding the right customer and making sure it’s a perfect fit.

Celedon Partners know how important every deal in the business is, and how much work it takes to go from a parcel of land to a happy new homeowner. That’s because we’ve worked with leaders in the industry for the last decade, implementing and building platforms that have helped our partners sell more, grow efficiently and make their customers happy.

Your CRM should be just as focused as you are

As a home builder you have to juggle prospects, agents, neighborhoods, lots, elevations and more, which can dramatically increase complexity when bolted onto a traditional CRM navigation system. Our Dynamics CRM and Salesforce experts can work with you to understand how your sales team operates, then create a user experience that filters and distills data based on your specific needs and sales approach, putting relevant information at your representatives and managers’ fingertips.

Design a better user experience

Our creative, technical user experience engineers can work with you to determine internal and external pain points, then redesign them to optimize the user experience. Make it easy for your customers to choose and amend their options and design the home they want, at any stage – and have their choices integrated directly into your CRM so you can get to work.

Turn your infrastructure into an asset

We know industry standard accounting and management systems because we’ve worked with industry leaders. This means that we understand how to integrate your systems and data, giving you a holistic view of your business directly within your CRM platform. As Microsoft experts we also have extensive experience with the entire Microsoft stack, from Office to reporting services and web applications.

We’re proud to offer flexible talent solutions and can work with you on project, implementation based work. If, on the other hand, you’d rather leave your technical infrastructure to our experts while you work on building and selling homes, we’re happy to offer you talent on a long term basis.


Microsoft Gold CRM Partner