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Celedon Partners helps keep client’s customers safe and informed with a new security database


Enterprise Technology Company

Solutions Used

Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Azure




  • Created new web portal for security updates
  • Data collected and pulled from Dynamics CRM
  • Integrated API for advanced data manipulation

Any multinational software enterprise has a huge number of teams dedicated to working on security updates and releases. In addition to providing security updates for customers, companies also must focus on providing customers with technical information pertaining to security updates.

One organization had been using the same, static-list method for updating customers about security updates for the last decade. In recent years they’d begun to hear from internal stakeholders and external users that the system would benefit from an upgrade to bring modern data manipulation features to the system.

The Goal

The existing system had become unwieldy due to a buildup of information and was out of step with evolving user interface and design standards. The company wanted to create a better experience for users, who were responsible for administering updates to software across tens, hundreds or even thousands of different machines.

It was also essential that the system be able show the entire backlog of historic security reports in addition to containing future updates. Working on the project would mean meant contending with a variety of shifting and occasionally conflicting business requirements, as well as dealing with data from multiple sources.

A number of business factors led the company to decide that the system should store and filter data using Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The Solution

After spending years trying to get the project off the ground, the company reached out to Celedon Partners due to their known Dynamics expertise. The Celedon Partners developers worked with the team responsible for security updates to create a brand new, one-stop-shop portal for customers, accomplishing in less than a year what the organization team had been trying for a number of years.

The team built a custom website to share information pulled from Dynamics and hosted on Microsoft Azure. The site gives users the ability to sort, search and filter the database by product categories, severity and maximum impact of the issue, as well as identification numbers. Once they’ve found a relevant security update, they’re able to access more information about vulnerabilities and affected products.

The new portal also gives users the power to leverage a new API to obtain security update information. This means that IT admins no longer need to resort to outdated, brute force techniques like screen scraping to create their own databases of necessary security information.

The Result

This large and complicated CRM implementation demanded a high level of CRM knowledge as well as the ability to manage a team of developers. The client also required that Celedon Partners’ developers know how to engage with end users of varying IT/security expertise.

Celedon Partners continue to work with the client to develop updates, enhancements and new features to support users tasked with keeping their organizations safe and secure.


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