Microsoft Gold Cloud CRM and Gold Cloud Platform Partner

uXRM™ for Microsoft Dynamics CRM
An evolved approach to CRM implementations.

We believe in simple, easy to use interfaces that drive results by empowering and engaging users. Through years of experience implementing all kinds of solutions in and around the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Platform, we’ve learned that we can get our clients further, faster, by focusing the problems that matter and keeping it simple for everything else.

Rich, intuitive, experiences directly in Dynamics CRM.

What is uXRM?

UXRM is Celedon Partner’s unique approach to maximizing your investment in a CRM platform by allowing you to focus your IT spend on the problems that matter the most and working to implement the rest as “out of the box” as possible with limited configuration.

How is uXRM delivered?

UXRM is more than process, its a philosophy.  It’s the right blend of user experience design, business consulting, deep technical expertise and flexible delivery models that make big ideas achievable.

Key benefits of Celedon uXRM.

Fully Supported

Designed and built to reduce the risk and cost of platform upgrades.

Fully Customizable

Custom code done right, can leverage CRM metadata and allow a surprising amount of long term flexibility.

Tailored User Experiences

Increase user adoption and workflow efficiency with tailored user experiences that meet your business needs.

Easy to Use

Enable your workforce to easily complete complex business processes.

Increased Functionality

By leveraging CRM strengths and adding  a customized user interface we can target specific tasks to streamline and optimize your workflows.


When injecting uXRM into your CRM it empowers you to tailor and take control of your experience. Work how you want to work & what makes sense to you.

uXRM leverages other Microsoft products.

Use the right tech for the right problem

Through the Cloud and the rapid rise of solution offerings such as Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Office 365 and technologies like single sign-on, customers are able to seamlessly combine functionality between discrete cloud solutions and even between on-premise and cloud solutions. Implemented the right way and in the right amounts, cloud technologies can reduce implementation risk and cost as well as speed up time to value.

Experiences that delight users.

User Adoption

Together, Celedon works with businesses to dream and implement impactful and intuitive functionality that delights users. We provide understandable user experiences and engage users with gamification, micro surveys and more; while implementing systems in a sound and completely supported manner. This all leads to a better and easier to use product that users enjoy adopting.

We achieve this by pairing creative business consulting and CRM expertise with creative user experience engineering and visual design. We then match it with deep technical experience in CRM-based development, modern web application development, cloud infrastructure, data analytics and integration.

Simplifying the complex.

We utilize current best practices and web standards to simplify complicated processes. By leveraging the best that Dynamics CRM has to offer and mixing in other technologies where it makes sense; we can offer you unparalleled user experiences.

We provide high impact user experiences to customers without the overhead, complexity, and high cost of large scale consulting firms.

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