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Deliver a Better Home Sales Experience 

Celedon Partners brings the power of the Salesforce® Platform to Home Builders. Manage customer relationships, community configuration and warranty fulfilment through an intuitive, cloud solution designed exclusively for home builders.


Neighborhood Focus

Home builder is designed with intelligent and relevant filtering that aligns perfectly with sales representative’s day-to-day tasks. Dial deep into relevant neighborhoods, regions and lots to track the sales process from visitor card through closing.

Convert Your Prospects

Enhance your relationship with customers from the moment they visit your website or walk into a model home. Home builder takes advantage of the industry-leading Salesforce platform to enable a new standard of success.

Easy Warranty Tracking

Coming Soon: Get visibility into the real cost of a home’s warranty, the options that make up the home or the contract that built the home. Home builder makes tracking and following up on warranty requests simple with a centralized location for warranty tracking data.

Understand Your Success

Smart dashboards and intelligent reporting tools built using the power of Salesforce to reveal where you’re suceeding and what aspects of your sales cycle need improvement. Never feel like you’re missing information again.

Community Activity

Community Activity is a sales representatives’ best friend, designed to maximize efficiency and minimize distractions. Combining Salesforce features with a deep knowledge of sales rep’s day-to-day life, Community Activity tracks a customer from their first visitor card to home closing.

Smart filters and dashboards are designed to support sales rep workflows, while a neighborhood focused approach makes tracking events and managing responsibilities easy.

From their home screen, sales representatives have access to the information that matters most – including open opportunities by neighborhood, upcoming activities and important tasks.
The Customer Dashboard gives representatives access to every lead and contact within the system, where they can be filtered based on their role and level of interest.
Opportunity Records enable sales representatives to follow individual buyers and guide them from their first visitor card through closing.
Never miss a beat – the Tasks page is a powerful to-do list for sales representatives. Follow open opportunities, get alerts about upcoming document due dates, and stay alert to every aspect of home sales.

Community Activity’s powerful Calendar uses Salesforce’s powerful functionality to create a flexible, sharable calendar of upcoming home sales activities.

Internal administrators can add and manipulate entire regions, neighborhoods, lots or units via an easy to use interface. Once added, they become available for Sales Representatives in Community Activity
Internal administrators can add and manipulate entire regions, neighborhoods, lots or units via an easy to use interface. Once added, they become available for Sales Representatives in Community Activity


Configurator is the backbone of the Celedon Home Builder solution. Through integration with backend systems including JDE or manual management, the Configurator allows community managers to manage regions, divisions, neighborhoods, and lots into the Home Builder solution so they can be sold efficiently.


Keep your warranty reports up to date and ensure that your customers are happy during and after the buying process is complete. This module encourages thorough tracking of all outstanding warranty claims for different components of each unit and makes submitting and fulfilling warranty requests simple.

Coming Soon

Neighborhood Focus

Designed for Home Builders

Celedon Partners Home Builder solution is the culmination of years spent supporting and developing systems for national homebuilders.


Works Like Your Do

Every aspect of Home Builder is designed to support existing home builder company workflows for sales representatives, customer service and internal administrators 

Smart Dashboards and Filtering

Different modules present users with the information they need to act on opportunities and provide incredible customer service.

Based on the Powerful Salesforce Platform

Industry Leading Capabilities

Salesforce is the world’s #1 CRM platform, with cutting edge features and a cloud-first philosophy that makes it perfect for forward-thinking homebuilders.

Smart Features, Maximum Efficiency

Home Builder is designed using the Salesforce Lightning platform to take advantage of intelligent, user-friendly Salesforce tools.

Access to the Entire Salesforce Platform

Extend Home Builder with access to the entire suite of Salesforce features – from email marketing and campaign automation – as well as AppExchange, the world’s premier location for business apps.

Go Beyond the Sales Process

Build Relationships That Last

Home Builder’s warranty tracking module encourages collaboration between you and your customers after closing – ensuring that they’ll be more likely to come back or recommend your neighborhoods in the future. 

Simplify Your Workflow

Home Builder uses smart design to autofill visitor cards, avoid duplicate opportunities and log every interaction with each customer, whether they occur online or in-person,


Engage Prospective Customers

By utilizing the Salesforce platform, Home Builder customers can extend their investment to include Marketing and other powerful Sales Cloud features.

Understand Your Success

Track Your Opportunities, Step-by-Step

Opportunity records within the Community Activity module follow potential home buyers throughout the sales process, so representatives can quickly identify and mitigate pain points.

Surface Important Information

Track your upcoming activities and call on detailed reports to see how your neighborhoods are developing.

Integrations That Matter

Home Builder links up to a variety of backend systems to populate neighborhood, lot and unit data. Once an opportunity is ready to purchase, use the docusign integration to finalize paperwork.

Salesforce + Celedon Partners

Celedon Partners is made up of consultants, developers, engineers and business analysts with decades of combined customer relationship management, cloud development and consulting experience.


Celedon offers a variety of flexible models of engagement that ensure partners have the opportunity to maximize the future of their Salesforce investment. In addition to traditional project based consulting and solutiosn, Celedon offers PartnerPass – an innovative subscription consulting model perfectly designed to supplement modern cloud Software-as-a-Service solutions


Motivated by Experience

Celedon Partners long history with CRM consulting for the home builder industry is at the heart of our Home Builder solution. Today, we’re taking that experience to the next level with a solution that takes advantage of the power and flexibility of the industry-leading Salesforce platform.

Ready to Learn More?

Discover how Celedon Partners leverage years of industry experience and the power of the Salesforce platform to deliver a groudbreaking Sales solution built for home builders.

Contact Celedon Partners for pricing and availability information or to recieve a demo of the Home Builder solution.

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