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Develop Personal Relationships

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With CRM Consulting from Celedon Experts

Develop the Relationships at the Heart of Every Organization

Celedon Partners offer implementation, migration, configuration and development services for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Azure technology.

Unlocking Real Business Value

Celedon Partners’ CRM experts are focused on solving real, everyday business challenges for clients. Whether you’re looking for a simple integration or planning on an entire systems migration, you can trust that your consultants have your best interests in mind.

Powerful New Technology

Celedon can help your organization take advantage of the many modern features available for Dynamics 365 and Azure. Discover the power of predictive analytics, machine learning, easy to use portals, mobile tools and much more.

My dream is to help our clients move beyond thinking about the CRM as a destination for data. CRM solutions have been inward facing for far too long – it’s time to use CRM systems to engage and enable the end customer.

Chris Scott

COO, Celedon Partners

A guide, and a partner

A comprehensive platform for managing customer, prospect, vendors and partner relationships is no longer a luxury – it’s a basic fact of business for modern organizations. That doesn’t mean that all CRM and customer engagement implementations are created equal.

An effective CRM deployment can streamline your business processes, increase visibility and efficiency and provide support throughout your organization. A poorly chosen or managed CRM implementation can slow down your businesses, discourage adoption and waste money.

Working with Celedon means that you get a guide through the entire process to ensure success. We work with you to determine your organizational needs and choose the right platform, ensuring that you get the tools and functionality you need, and that you don’t waste time on features you don’t.

Our consultants also work with you to determine when customized experiences and tools make sense, and where ease-of-use and upgradability concerns mean that your organization will get the best experience with out-of-the-box implementations.

The Celedon Factor

Celedon offers flexible talent solutions that put a powerful CRM and customer engagement platform within reach for organizations with a variety of needs. Whether you’re looking for consultants on a project basis, need experts to work within your organization for an extended period or are looking to take a hands off approach to the platform while we handle upgrades and support, Celedon can work with you to put together a talent solutions package that make sense.

Work with experts

No matter what your specific needs may be, Celedon Partners gives you the talent to handle it.

As Microsoft Azure certified experts, we can walk you through the benefits of cloud based, hybrid and on-premise deployments and guide you through whatever process you choose. Our creative user experience designers and developers can add functionality where you need it and create interfaces that integrate your customer engagement tools into your existing or desired workflow.

Find out how Celedon Partners can help make your customer engagement initiatives a success today.

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